Coleman Farming Co. LLC


COLEMAN FARMING COMPANY specializes in developing and managing pistachio orchards.

Tom Coleman is a pistachio farmer in Madera and Fresno Counties.  Coleman Farming Company first started in the pistachio business as a nursery in 1978.  Tom Coleman then bought his first 20 pistachio orchards in 1982 and has been expanding his farming operations since.

Currently Coleman Land (owned by Tom Coleman) owns over 900 acres and Coleman Farming manages another 7000 acres.  His son, John, joined him in the business in 2005.  John handles most of the field operations while Tom manages the business side of farming.  All of the orchards currently owned by Coleman Land and many of the acres farmed by Coleman Farming were developed by Coleman Farming. 

Tom is actively involved in the pistachio industry.  He was elected as Commissioner to the California Pistachio Commission in 1995.  He is currently Chairman of the California Pistachio Research Board.  He was also elected to the Adminstrative Committee for Pistachios in 2004 and is currently holding the position of Chairman.



285 W. Shaw Suite 202

Fresno, CA  93704

(559) 222-1055